Thursday, May 5, 2011


It’s true, you know… I mean, the quote above. When the “push factors” outweigh the “pull factors”, it is a normal human reaction to leave and find better alternatives.

Today is an emotional day for me – I just left a bunch of wonderful, colourful, loud, boisterous team members. Well, simply put – today is my last day at work and boy, do I hate goodbyes. To make matters worse, I came down with fever and flu since last night.

I was never and still am very bad with goodbyes. In fact, I purposely do not want to make it harder for the team (and to yours truly as well), so what I did was just saying a simple “BYE” to all of these wonderful people I left behind.

Some may misconstrue the gesture as being too simple or maybe heartless, but in actual fact, I feel that during my tenure there I’ve connected emotionally with these wonderful people who have taught me so many things directly or indirectly.

I feel blessed to have to get to know each and every one of these people, share laughter and tears (not mine), and the support and guidance given are honestly, beyond compare. We go through the ups and downs of life together – just like a real family does. That experience is priceless.

It’s been a pleasure and an honour working with each and every one of you (well, you know who you are). If ever our paths were to cross again some day, I would be more willing to continue where we left off.

I dedicate this wonderful poem written by Mild G. Calingo, to my dearest team members :

My friends to you I bid goodbye

To the friendship that brought me sky

The year has been swell

As if coming from a wishing well

But as all things do

I have to bid adieu

How it pains me to

But there's nothing I can do

Thank you for the memories

The laughter and the tears

They'll linger in my heart

As if we never part

If by chance we meet again

May it be full of blessings in the rain

Yet for now all that I can say

Is to God for you I'll pray

Lastly, don’t be a stranger & keep in touch (each of you have my mobile number and my personal email address).